A list of bootlegs to download

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A list of bootlegs to download

Postby Edd » Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:59 pm

Here’s my collection of live bootlegs, rarities, demos, deleted releases and all that. A fair bit of stuff vanished from hard drives dying over the years.

Featuring hard to find releases, fan club releases from back in the day, promo interviews, rarities (inc I Don’t Need A High clip, full Sleeping Pills Strings, Sea Song etc); demos (Let Go electric, Money etc), bootlegs and everything else in-between.

105FM New York Radio Studio Session 1993 Sbd
A New Morning Demos & Sessions Studio
A New Morning Tour Edition Live CD Roskilde 99 Sbd
Abbey Road Acoustic Session Absolute Radio 2013 FM
Amsterdam Paradiso Theatre 2010 Aud
At the BBC 1992-1997 FM
At The BBC 2010-2013 (all tagged into separate albums on iTunes) FM
Barcelona Razzmatazz 2003 FM
Barcelona Razzmatazz 2010 Aud
BBC 6Music Maida Vale 2010 FM
BBC 6Music Festival 2016 FM
BBC Radio One Making Of Suede FM
BBC Radio Four Follow Up LPs...Dog Man Star FM
Beijing Arena 2011 Aud
Benicassim Festival Spain 1997 Sbd
Benicassim Festival Spain 1999 FM
Benicassim Festival Spain 2003 FM
Berlin Festival 2011 Sbd
Berlin Obsessions (Universal Music Hall 2002) FM
Black Sessions France 1999 FM
Blue Suede Shoes (Newcastle & Newcross 1992) FM
Bologne Estragon Italy 2013 Aud
Brainshake (Copenhagen Pumpehuset 1999) FM
Bristol Academy 2003 Aud
Bristol Academy 2013 Aud
Brixton Academy 1993 (Love And Poison Audio) Sbd
Brixton Academy 2003 Aud
Brixton Academy 2011 Coming Up Live FM
Bruxelles 1993 (It's actually a Various Live 1993) Aud
Camden Roundhouse 1996 FM
Camden Roundhouse 13th Nov 2015 Aud
Can’t Get Enough Australian Live EP Sbd
Caupolican Theatre, Santiago 2012 Aud
Cover Me (Toronto Warehouse 1995) Sbd
Demos CD1 Rare Studio
Dog Man Star 20 In Osaka 2014 FM
Dog Man Star At ICA 2003 FM
Drown To A Popular Tune 1993 FM
Dublin Olympia Theatre 2013 Aud
Edinburgh Queens Hall Feb 1994 Aud
Electric Sounds At Glasgow Barrowlands 1999 Aud
Everything Will Flow USA Remix EP Studio
Exit Festival Serbia 2014 Sbd
Fan-club CDs
For The Strangers In Shinkiba 2014 Aud
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2016 Aud
Glastonbury Festival 2003 Sbd
Glastonbury Festival 2015 Sbd
St Petersburg, Russia 2011 Aud
Gron Festival Denmark 2003 FM
Hi-Fi Lullabies London Astoria 1999 & MTV Milan 1999 FM
High Hopes (Various TV 1992-1993) Sbd
Holland Vs Scotland Sbd
House Of St Barnabas Absolute Radio Session 2016 FM
Isle Of Wight Festival 2014 FM
La Route Du Rock Festival 2002 FM
Leeds Academy 2016 Aud
Libro Festival Vienna 1999 FM
Live At The O2 Arena, London 2010 Sbd
Live In USA 1993 Partial Sbd
Liverpool Royal Court Theatre 1999 FM
Liverpool Royal Court Theatre 2002 Aud
London Astoria 2 1993 FM
London Astoria 2003 Aud
London Forum Dec 1993 FM
London Forum April 1997 B-Sides gig Sbd
Love & Poison (Rare tracks and demos)
Lowlands Festival 2003 FM
Manchester Academy 2003 Aud
Manchester Academy 2013 Aud
Manchester Move Festival 2002 Sbd 1 track only
Manchester Ritz 2010 Aud
Men In Black (Reading Festival 1997) FM
Modern Rock Live Promo 1994 Promo
Norwich UEA 2002 Aud
Old Man’s Car (Milan 1994) Sbd
Oui FM France Acoustic Session 2016 FM
Phoenix Festival 1995 FM
Pre-FM Studio 2 Copenhagen 2002 Studio
Pre-FM Stockholm Cirkus 2002 Part Two Studio
Primavera Festival Portugal 2012 FM
Quart Festival Norway 1997 Sbd
San Francisco Radio Session 1993 FM
Revenge (Stockholm 1996) Aud
Reykjavik Sounds (Iceland 2000) FM
Rising Camp (Glasgow 1995 & BBC Radio 1996) FM
Roskilde Festival First Night 1999 (Incomplete) FM
Roskilde Festival Second Night 1999 FM
Roskilde Festival Third Night 1999 FM
Royal Festival Hall London 2002 FM
Sheffield Octagon Centre 1994 Aud
Shibuya AX Centre Tokyo 2013 Aud
Singles Live At The ICA London 2003 FM
SOS Festival Spain 2011 FM
Sound Of The Streets London Forum 1997 Sbd
So Young 1993 FM
St Petersburg Glavclub Russia 2011
Stockholm Melody Club 1993
Stockholm Hovet Arena 1999 Part Two Aud
Strange Fascination (Manchester 1992 & 1993) FM
Suave & Elegant (Demos & Brixton 1993 Laserdisc rip)
Suedemania (Glastonbury Festival 1993) Sbd
Tel Aviv Israel Acoustic Radio Sessions 1997 & 2000 FM
Thrilling Us Softly (Reading 1997 & BBC Radio One Session 1996) FM
The Wild Ones (Midfyn Festival Denmark 1996 & Oslo 1994) FM
Trash Metal (Liverpool 1999 & Germany 1997) FM
Trashy (Kilburn Ballroom London 1996) FM
Unhiped 1992 FM
Unplugged (Amsterdam 1999 & BBC Radio 1 1999) FM
Up & Coming (German TV 1995, UK TV 1996, BBC Radio 1 1996) FM
Vienna Spark Hall Austria 2002 FM
Vorterix Theatre, Buenos Aires 2012 FM
White Horse London 1992 FM
XFM Acoustic Session 2010 FM
XFM Acoustic Session 2013 FM
XFM Winter Wonderland (Brixton Academy 2010) FM
Primavera Festival Spain 01.06.2016 Webrip
Belfast Mandella Hall 12.12.2002 FM
Chicago Metro Club 07.06.1993 Sbd
El Ray Theatre LA 21.05.1997 Aud
Pepsi Szigel Festival Hungary 04.08.1999 Aud
Stahlwerk Dusseldorf Germany 2002 & Radio Session 2002 Aud
Osaka Summersonic Festival 18.08.2002 & Tokyo Summersonic Festival 17.08.2002 Aud & FM
Black Sessions, France '93 FM
Clapham Grand, London '93 Aud
Copenhagen Pumpehuset '99 FM Upgrade
Glastonbury Festival '93 Sbd *full gig, feat My Insatiable One after Still Life*
Suede LP Sessions EP '92 Studio
Be My God / Art / Wonderful Sometimes
BBC Radio 2 Jo Whiley Session 2016 FM
Cambridge Corn Exchange 1994 Aud (sound is quite harsh on some tracks)
Primavera Festival Barcelona 2016 FM (First night Broadcast Upgrade)
Westonbirt Arboretum, England 2014 Aud
MTV UK Unplugged Feb 1994 (My Dark Star) TV

Radio X Acoustic Session 2016
Paris Ciagle 2013 Broadcast

Enjoy x

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bdia5199a6ae ... H4Uga?dl=0
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby TimeyWimey » Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:26 am

That's an awesome list! Thanks for taking the time to upload, especially the Shibuya 2013 (my first), and the Osaka DMS gig. I recall Brett telling the audience after they'd done DMS that we could come right to the front for the rest of the gig.
Afterwards when we were travelling back to Tokyo I didn't care if we missed our last bus home to Ibaraki as I'd touched his hand.....! :roll: :lol:

Thanks again, I shall have a listen later as I am at school right now. :)
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby mondino » Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:14 am

many many thank's
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby Jayyj » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:09 am

Incredible, thank you! I'll have to see if I have anything not on there I can share, but it's a hell of a list!
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby Edd » Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:48 am

That would be great if you could. The more people are willing to upload and share the better. I'm just waiting on delivery of three 1993 silver factory pressed bootlegs (as clearly there aren't enough versions of Animal Lover one can have).

Does anyone have the following?

Amsterdam Melkweg 94 FM
Manchester Apollo 99
Manchester Move Festival 2002
Liverpool Royal Court 2002
Lowlands Festival 2003 FM
Manchester Academy 2003
Brixton Academy 2003
London Astoria 2003
Glasgow Barrowlands 2013?

I had most of the above but my hard drive died a few years ago.

Taaaaaa X

Jayyj wrote:Incredible, thank you! I'll have to see if I have anything not on there I can share, but it's a hell of a list!
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby Jayyj » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:00 pm

I hate to say it but I can't add much to the list above at the moment: I had a few hard drives die on me in the past and a lot of the stuff I had has gone - except a pile of Camden Market cassettes I need to get round to digitising. One of these days, I promise!

I have a rarities folder that isn't of great interest given so much is on Youtube these days but I'll add it here anyway since it rounds everything up nicely. It has early mixes of several first album tracks, all the existing early studio songs that I know of and a few radio and live oddities. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/akuwk87o5psu ... QWPHa?dl=0

I also had a Bernard podcast interview from 2014, so I've put that up there as well.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/zmiievnvkl93t ... 9.mp3?dl=0

Does anyone have a copy of the Derek Jarman gig they could upload? That was probably my favourite of the live shows I had but have lost. Would love to have that one again.
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby Edd » Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:30 pm

That Derek Jarman benefit gig in Camden was excellent, another gig vanished over the years from my drive.
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby SimonOnly » Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:08 pm

This is immense! Thanks so much for sharing! Loving the dedication.
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby Everydayslikesunday » Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:25 pm

Thanks this is brilliant and very generous of you. Unfortunately I don't have any you don't already have.

Does anyone know if the Oxford 2014 recording even exists?
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Re: A list of bootlegs to download

Postby Edd » Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:00 pm

You're welcome Simon. I really like the design of the forum.

If anyone has a recording and would upload, please do!

Regarding Oxford 2014 DMS 20, I'm not aware of a recording. From what people said it was a top gig!


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