R.I.P. Brett's "Named For" - Roger Moore

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R.I.P. Brett's "Named For" - Roger Moore

Postby AspieGirl4Brett » Tue May 23, 2017 11:39 pm

I am very sad that Roger Moore had died. Here are some reasons why he meant so much to me:
1. His character in the 1960s series "The Persuaders" was Lord Brett Sinclair. Brett's Mum took his name from this.
2. Lord Brett's ancestral pile was filmed a stone's throw from where I grew up: Osterley House in West London.
3. Roger Moore was the first James Bond I connected with "in real time", due to my age. For me, he remained the best - playing it tongue-in-cheek - whereas later it became / has become incredibly po-faced, despite being preposterous.
4. He was vociferous in his opposition to hunting.
Requiescat in pace, Roger.

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