2016 Tour??

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Re: 2016 Tour??

Postby AspieGirl4Brett » Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:58 pm

It seems I won't be able to see Suede this year. In the UK, they're only doing festivals. Despite being a Europhile, I haven't been outside Britain for over 20 years, and I've never travelled beyond Europe. Unfortunately, I'm as likely to travel to Stockholm, Athens or Tokyo etc. as I am to go to Mars (not for bad reasons, but because I'm now very set in my ways). My adult son is also autistic and set in his ways too: will only go out to travel on trains or go trainspotting, plus he is afraid of flying. I don't like festivals, as I feel very left out at them. I don't know how to join in with people. The only possibility would be Rockaway Beach at Bognor Regis, on The South Coast of England, in October (as one can retreat to a hotel room on one's own). It does seem good value for money in general, but I would be lonely and not really able to take part in the weekend. It would be nice if I could stay in a chalet with Suede. I would do the cooking, washing, tidying up, gofer-ing etc. for them (not because I'm a woman, but because they've got much better things to do - and I haven't). Not going to happen!

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