Any Cranberries fans out there?

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Any Cranberries fans out there?

Postby Everydayslikesunday » Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:51 pm

I'm not sure if it's old age but I have become turned on (not sexually) by music again. Especially by bands I use to enjoy but have forgotten about in recent years. My current favourite is The Cranberries. The first album is a classic but for me the second album is the high-light. 'No Need to Argue' is very dark and angry compared to the first album but I truly adore it. Of course Dolores's voice is the star on all their albums, she is probably my favourite female singer. Strangely I lost interest in them after hearing their third album 'To The Faithful Departed' all those years ago, but now I rank it almost as good as the first two.

I know they were at the time one of the biggest indie bands and I'm sure they made enough money from their fame, but I wish they were more appreciated these days. A bit like Suede............
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