Natural high

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Natural high

Postby shecanwalkoutanytime » Thu May 16, 2019 1:34 pm

I have heard Suede are coming up in the near future to our nice little land and to our beautiful capital after some depressing decades
here you can see our style insatiable ones

by the way, later, aware they have only 75 minutes to play
oh well...
hmmm. Is it only Animal Nitrate, Metal Mickey and basics (*yack*). 75 minutes *suck*.
Have I seen them at their best in London quite many times lately?
Yes I have
it has been wonderful

as professionals they probably bring the basics only in festivals and take their kinda easy salary
But whatever I love Suede and they will do their job I am sure if I am there or not it does not matter but I kinda wonder the set list there is probably not anything really interesting...
but for regular guests who have not seen them in ages and who do not know how it goes and who wait to see them at last after years and years here and they do not know... it can be a blast

will they love you the way the way I loved you/we jumped over the barriers jumped over the barriers
PS. I was hesitating to attend - not exactly new - but thanks to Mat in Twitter posting The Overstory I bought the ticket. And it shall be so sunny & shiny here.

~ A warmup for Suede was called Chisu (Kitty) here is her song Ihana. Golden ChiSuede
Posts: 237
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Re: Natural high

Postby shecanwalkoutanytime » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:17 pm

We have around here a special voice
before with a band for years called Haloo Helsinki! a huge success

but the strangest thing is she has a brand new song in her first solo career album Yhden naisen hautajaiset "The Funeral of a One Woman" called
A Bird Who Flew Into to Window
in the context of Blue Hour I mean ... rt_radio=1

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