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Haywards Heath

Postby Under the arches » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:20 pm

Has anyone on here been there? I am new on here and been listening to Suede / Mr Anderson since about when metal mickey came out. I am from the west & have always wondered what Haywards Heath was like, as it appeared an odd place from interviews & stuff. So this year I got around to going there on my push bike travelling from Portsmouth to Worthing, then up to Haywards Heath. I ended up b&b ing it there.

What a wierd place, I ended up having a couple of beers with a bite to eat down a street called the Boulevard, with the supposed beautiful people / tossers. You can certainly see where the outsider stuff and anger comes from in Suedes music.

The next day I travelled down to Bentswood, down to where Mr Anderson grew up. Not a bad place as it goes, but at odds with some of the surrounding area. As I say the haves and have nots. I then cycled to the smoke and went to Bowies bandstand in Beckenham. Then got the train home.

Was a nice couple of days. I ain't a stalker either!

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