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Haywards Heath

Postby Under the arches » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:20 pm

Has anyone on here been there? I am new on here and been listening to Suede / Mr Anderson since about when metal mickey came out. I am from the west & have always wondered what Haywards Heath was like, as it appeared an odd place from interviews & stuff. So this year I got around to going there on my push bike travelling from Portsmouth to Worthing, then up to Haywards Heath. I ended up b&b ing it there.

What a wierd place, I ended up having a couple of beers with a bite to eat down a street called the Boulevard, with the supposed beautiful people / tossers. You can certainly see where the outsider stuff and anger comes from in Suedes music.

The next day I travelled down to Bentswood, down to where Mr Anderson grew up. Not a bad place as it goes, but at odds with some of the surrounding area. As I say the haves and have nots. I then cycled to the smoke and went to Bowies bandstand in Beckenham. Then got the train home.

Was a nice couple of days. I ain't a stalker either!
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Re: Haywards Heath

Postby AspieGirl4Brett » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:42 am

Oh yes.... Firstly: I grew up in West London, and often went through Haywards Heath on the train, going down to the South coast. Quite impressive: there is a very beautiful viaduct between Balcombe tunnel and Haywards Heath station. It's Ouse Hill viaduct, over the river Ouse - and when viewed from ground level it's almost like a cathedral. Brett was actually born in the nearby village of Lindfield. The Bentswood area of Haywards Heath was on his way to school. The train tunnel after Haywards Heath station is Folly Hill tunnel. Secondly: My first boyfriend ended up living in Haywards Heath. Thirdly: My first husband was transsexual. Although we lived in West London, through some vagary of the arcane, he actually had his gender reassignment surgery at Princess Louise Hospital in Haywards Heath, in 1997. I picked him (now her) up afterwards. So - I like to think that Brett was born there, and that my Steve / Carolyn was born again there, if you see what I mean. A footnote: a few years ago I drove through the area again. It was quite unrecognisable, having acquired a plethora of mini - roundabouts, lookalike modern housing and cul de sacs. A non-organic new town has grown around the old one. Characterless commutersville, unfortunately.

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