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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby Ondra » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:28 am

Joe Col wrote:
lazarus wrote:A major disappointment. Sincerely.
And the sound/production is as f***d as on Bloodsports.
I can't believe they did the same mistake again.
And mixing each song without any blank is a bad idea. :roll:

That sure didn't take long.
Been listening to this all day. I hear nothing wrong production/sound/mixing wise. No clipping either. The lack of "blanks" is intentional, if you've read or watched any interview since September.
That said, this is a stunning piece of work. Truly beautiful. The flow between tracks is seamless. The songs people felt were too Suede (Like Kids & Outsiders) are perfect in the context of the album, gives you some light from the dark (I loved those songs anyway).
The band sound immense. Richard's playing in particular is astonishing. He shines, especially on I Don't Know How To Reach You. Mat & Simon's rhythm section hold everything down, with Neil's keys weaving through it all. Brett sounds fantastic. Youthful.
It is well worth the wait. I can't wait to see the film.

I love the album, it is nearly perfect for me, but I have to join the group of the ones who are dissapointed with the sound mix. I just do not understand where is the added value of putting all instruments out loud. It kills an atmosphere of the songs badly IMO. Take "I don´t know how to reach you," which I consider a cornerstone of the album. No clippings you say? I clearly hear a speaker rattle in the Richard guitar's reverb, especially in the beginning of the verses. It is just there, sorry. In the intrumental bridge before "I never thought it would happen..." coda the distortion can be heard even more distinctly! On the other hand the Brett's voice is buried in wall of loud sound, feels like they locked him in a container and let him sing.
The song is really great in its complicated structure, combining elements of art rock/pop/punk. But the sound mixing kind of kills the quality. The punkrock/hardrock finale is introduced by the arty prelude of keyboard and guitar and graduating drums, excitement grows, you are expecting the burts of energy and... there is just another wall of sound with no distinct dynamics (and for me also a major let down). The verses should have sounded more gentle and quiet, chorus should have had Brett's voice more prominent, the guitar solo would shine brighter if it was set in the front of the mix (in the verse and chorus being heard more in the background), the bridge should have been much more quieter, drums leading to finale more prominent and... final part should have had sounded very agressive and loud, here was the place to let the speakers explode. What we have in reality is just a slush.
I imagine for example how "November rain" from GNR would sound with the same mixing as IDKHTRY has... There are of course other songs on Night Thoughts with the same problems, but this song particulary suffers the most from the mixing. Looking for the remasters in the near future though. That will be an ecstasy :)
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby LovedUp » Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:59 pm

Anything that doesn't sound like "Head Music" is fine with me.

LovedUp's loving it!!!
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby Jayyj » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:40 pm

Ondra wrote:No clippings you say? I clearly hear a speaker rattle in the Richard guitar's reverb, especially in the beginning of the verses. It is just there, sorry.

In fairness, any time you make a record using elderly analogue gear - and it sounds to me as though Buller had complete free reign over the studio Space Echo and other analogue lovelies on this album - the chances of making a pristine sounding record are pretty slim. I record with a lot of old tape and analogue echos, spring reverbs, rotary speakers etc and they sound amazing but you can hear hisses, pops, rattles etc all over them and you just have to treat it as character. I don't hear anything on there that sounds like digital distortion or negligent engineering.

I actually really like the mix, including the vocals not being rammed to the front of the mix and the washes of synth and reverberations. The dynamics are there in the performance but the very hot master reduces their impact which is a shame. Overall though there's so much interesting stuff going on in the production I think Ed's done a really good job of this.
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby dovedup » Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:54 am

Smash wrote:What I'm Trying to Tell You makes me wanna dance. The first song I fell for.

Likewise! I had sunk into my sofa reeling from the majesty of my first listen to Pale Snow and IDKHTRY.
Then WITTTY started.
My jaw dropped in a different kind of astonishment. By the first chorus I was up on my feet, dancing my face off.
Night Thoughts stays on repeat at home, but as I run around the city living my life, WITTTY blasts through my headphones on repeat, with a perma-smile glued to my face, and my head rocking to and fro. I LOVE THIS TRACK! :D :D :D :D :D
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belgian suedehead
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby belgian suedehead » Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:07 pm

There are a few people on this forum who should go and make or produce albums themselves. It's pretty ludicrous, the stuff I read here at times about Brett's vocals or the production/mixing.
A minority
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby A minority » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:25 am

No its nothing But personal opinions. And must i add that suede is my no 1 band... ;-)
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby round the bend » Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:12 pm

Having just seen the film (finally!) and had some time to mull over the album, my first impressions have been replaced by even greater awe. Sargent's film worked very powerfully along with the album (to watch it, it's better to have known the album a bit) and though we didn't know who these people were and there was no straight narrative, it was immediately emotional and hit a chord right away with feelings many people would find familiar. In a whole, I'd say it was a meditation on loss of one's close ones and how easily everything can slip in life. Loved how the story wasn't linear and the beautiful photography and lighting, where even the daytime had a dank, dark glow to it (like the artwork on Dog Man Star?). Matched the music perfectly from one chapter to another, but it was a harrowing tale, wasn't it!
As for the songs, I was impressed by the intro and reprise of '...Young', the ending coda of 'Fur And The Feathers' and of course 'Outsiders' and 'No Tomorrow' from the off (the last two already familiar before the release), but with further listens 'I Don't Know How To Reach You' and 'What I'm Trying To Tell You' are rivalling these for the best moments on the album and it's hard to pick one, which for me is a testament to how strong Night Thoughts is throughout. If, push comes to shove, I had to point out a weak spot, it might be 'Learning To Be', which gets lost on the album and the film slightly and the whole thing wouldn't have missed it if it was absent in my opinion. But that's a small matter.
And having had time to put things in perspective, I've got to say, at the moment Suede are absolutely pissing over everyone else in the pop and rock world, making a big, complete work of art with the album as a whole piece, the ambitious project of the accompanying film and further touring the whole package, as well as gigging the old songs in a second set. In an age of cynicism and short attention spans, it may go unnoticed in the bigger picture, but makes a huge statement on making art in popular music when the norm has become 'quick, lazy and dismissable' and along with Bowie leaving with Blackstar and the "Lazarus" play, puts most else in shame in the recent past and probably near future. Not to mention the half-arsed excuses for reunions in recent year.
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby shecanwalkoutanytime » Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:37 pm

round the bend : Indeed! Agreed.
Except Learning to Be which is a gem and the only lovely spot in that "how bad it can get" -film in my opinion.
I agree it has a strong sense of what a real loss means and that is why it is almost unbearable - but in a way also soothing (almost a catharsis) cos so many of us have to go through unbearable losses in life.
When I think of the minitour past now well you can say, that Suede are very much High Rising, on the top of the game. It continues to amaze but on the other hand, they are true professionals and this is how it shows. Abs fab.
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby skyline swine » Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:34 pm

I listened to it for the first time last night.
I liked it, but not as much as I liked Bloodsports when I heard it for the first time.
I'm not impressed with I don't know how to reach you, What I'm trying to tell you and I can't give her what she wants though. I felt the same way when I heard the early live versions...all three have good/great parts, but overall they sound like not really finished songs, or just like some of their more average B-sides...they drag the album down quite a lot unfortunately. When I heard the live versions they didn't sound like almost finished songs.
Outsiders and Tightrope are still my favorites, and Pale snow is quite beautiful. I liked No tomorrow quite a lot too. When you are young and When you were young are okay. Don't remember the rest of the tracks well enough at the moment to be able to say something about them.
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Re: Night Thoughts - Suede's new album

Postby Jan (Icke) » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:22 pm

This post clearly undermines the concept of a personal opinion drastically.

belgian suedehead wrote:There are a few people on this forum who should go and make or produce albums themselves. It's pretty ludicrous, the stuff I read here at times about Brett's vocals or the production/mixing.

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